The answer is NO, you cannot deactivate this plugin. It has a major role in the AGM theme it keeps the map page and listing maps functioning properly and when users search for a listing. That's fine if you do not want to use it for importing but you still want to keep the software because API's services are called on each of the following actions on your site:

- When a user searches anything and results appear on the map of home page
- API called for custom map on home page
- On the search functionality of the home page
- On the submit listing page - when user searches address on the address field
- In Auto Lead Importer plugin - when admin searches any address 1 time
- When Importing any listing, called 2 times (so total for searching and adding a listing is 3 calls)
- When home page loads the map pins of the listings call the API

For more info please contact Google cloud billing.